Dr. Andrew S. Tompkins

Environmental Historian of Modern and Contemporary Europe

Professional Historian

I am a historian and lecturer at the University of Sheffield as well as an associated member of the Viadrina Center B/orders in Motion.

Writer and Translator

I am the author of numerous academic publications and translate between German and English.

Amateur Photographer

I have taken thousands of photographs related to my research (borders, protest movements, European history), travels, and life in Berlin and beyond.

Current research project

European borders as
“Fluid Boundaries”

In some sense, borders have made “Europe.” Perhaps nowhere is this more true than along Germany’s borders with France and Poland. The Rhine and Oder-Neisse river systems have functioned as markers of the post-1945 settlement, spaces of integration, and sources of shared problems. “Fluid Boundaries” aims to examine how citizens along these borders related to one another in everyday life.

Previous research

Better active than radioactive!

My previous project examined cross-border protest against nuclear energy in France and West Germany during the 1970s. It was published in book form with Oxford University Press in 2016.



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Recent activities

See below for information about some of my most recent publications, presentations, and teaching.

« L’électro-fascisme n’a pas de frontière ! » : Histoire croisée du mouvement anti-nucléaire en France et en RFA, 1968-1981

Présentation à L’Institut d’études politiques de Paris (Sciences Po), dans le cadre du séminaire « Acteurs et mouvements sociaux », coordonné par Gerd-Rainer HORN, le 2 décembre 2019. Dans les années 1970,[…]

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Europäisierung im Alltag: Grenzüberschreitungen an Rhein und Oder nach 1945

Vortrag beim Kolloquium Globalgeschichte (Lehrstuhl Iris Schröder), Historisches Seminar der Universität Erfurt und Forschungszentrum Gotha, 28. November 2019.

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Berlin im Herbst

Berlin in the Autumn, 2019.

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