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Caught in the Net: Fish, Ships, and Oil in the GDR-Poland Territorial Waters Dispute, 1949–1989

Article published in Central European History 56 (2023), Special Issue ‘Everyday Transnationalism, Global Entanglements and Regimes of Mobility at the Edges of East Germany’, pp. 173-195. doi:10.1017/S0008938922001029. Abstract: The 1945 Potsdam Agreement established a new border between Poland and Germany at the so-called “Oder-Neisse line,” but it left unsettled the question of the maritime boundary…
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The Gender of Smuggling: East German Customs and the Criminalization of Polish Workers’ Consumption, 1980-1989

Presented at the workshop “Between Deviance and Marginalization: Gendered Perspectives on Transnational Crime” at the Universität Erfurt.