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The European Experience: A Multi-Perspective History of Modern Europe, 1500–2000

Collaboratively written open-access textbook produced for the “Teaching European History in the 21st Century” (TEH21) Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project, for which I served as an author, the editor of Unit 2 (social history), and primary coordinator at the University of Sheffield. Jan Hansen, Jochen Hung, Jaroslav Ira, Judit Klement, Sylvain Lesage, Juan Luis Simal, Andrew…
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Better Active than Radioactive! Anti-Nuclear Protest in 1970s France and West Germany

Published with Oxford University Press. During the 1970s, hundreds of thousands of people across Western Europe protested against civil nuclear energy. Nowhere were they more visible than in France and Germany-two countries where environmentalism seems to have diverged greatly since. This volume recovers the shared, transnational history of the early anti-nuclear movement, showing how low-level…
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