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Fridays for Future

Here are a few pictures from different “Fridays for Future” events in Berlin.

Grömitz, August 2019

Bike trip to Grömitz, August 2019.

Insel Rügen

Bike trip across Rügen, July 2019.

Basel to Aachen, 2019

Bike trip from Basel, Switzerland along the French-German border up the Rhine and toward the Saarland, then to Luxembourg and back to Aachen, Germany.


A few pictures of one of my favorite cities, taken over the years.

Peak District, June 9, 2019

A hike in the Peak District with friends, June 2019.

Sheffield, Spring 2019

Photos around town in Sheffield, Spring 2019.

Stockholm, May 2019

Visit to Stockholm for a talk at Stockholms universitet.

Peak District, May 4, 2019

A hike in the Peak District in early May.

Utrecht 2018