Category: Photography

Neißefahrt 2017

Bike trip from Zittau via Görlitz to Guben, Forst, and Frankfurt.

Warszawa history

Photos of historical sites in Warsaw (taken in 2016).

Kraftwerk “Friedensgrenze” (Hirschfelde)

Photos from a short trip to Hirschfelde power station, just north of Zittau.


A short evening trip by car along the Rhine (from Weil am Rhein to Fessenheim) in between other travels.


Photos from intensive language course in Wrocław in 2014 (as well as from a brief visit in 2013).

Kostrzyn/Küstrin and Frankfurt an der Oder/Słubice

Day trip to the nearest international border from Berlin: Kostrzyn and Frankfurt/Słubice


Ehemalige Zentrale des Ministeriums für Staatsicherheit (Stasi) in der Ruschestr. / Normannenstr., Berlin-Lichtenberg Former headquarters of the Ministry of State Security (Stasi) in Ruschestr. / Normannenstr., Berlin-Lichtenberg

Deutsch-Russisches Museum

A visit to the German-Russian Museum in Karlshorst, site of the German capitulation at the end of the Second World War.

Warsaw Old Town

First impressions from my first visit to Warsaw (mostly confined to the Old Town).